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Dar es Salaam


About Us
Jason Alexiou is an excellent fisherman who, during his young age, had transformed his passion into his living, working for several charter operators along the coast.

He now fishes for pleasure together with his wife and often assists and gives consultancy to hotels or other ventures along the coast in any fishing related issue. He has also started a new line of lures and as the I.G.F.A. Representative for Tanzania tries to promote Sport Fishing in Tanzania throughout magazines, videos and Fishing Clubs and has often assisted the Local Authorities in the fight against illegal fishing. He has also been several times the Fishing Secretary and Rear Commodore Power for the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club.

During his fishing experiences, he has fished extensively, all along the Tanzanian coast, getting to know all the best fishing areas, from North to South, from the Pemba Channel down through to Kilwa, where he went and did a survey to see if the area was suitable for fishing Tourism and later, for a "fishability study" for the owner of the future Kilwa Ruins Lodge.
Apart from his general fishing skills, Jason has proven to be good at locating large Dogtooth Tuna, finding out during the course of his experiences several spots which have provided the best and the largest Dogtooth Tuna in Tanzania, with several 100 kg plus Dogtooth Tuna being caught on his boats.
The largest Dogtooth Tuna caught on our boat (and the largest ever caught in Tanzania)was a 107,6 Kg Dogtooth. The fish was caught in 2015 by Jon Patten and it has been approved for the All Tackle World Record,
the largest one caught on our boats in 2014 was a 106,8 kgs caught Leopoldo Zapata (the fish qualified for the World Record in 130 lbs line),
the largest Dogtooth Tuna caught in 2008 and from our boats was a 95,22 kg fish,
the largest one caught in 2007 and from our boats was a 100.5 kg fish,
in 2003 a 103 kg one, always from our boats.

Thanks to his skills and the profuse knowledge of the area, he made achieve 7 Dogtooth Tuna World Records to the boats he was fishing from (the latest one a 107,6 Kg Dogtooth All Tackle World Record caught on our boats, on 130 lbs line). Two of these Dogtooth Tuna Wolrd Record are held by himself.
1 All tackle World Record Giant Grouper (179.5 kg caught by Nelson Shayne), 1 All Tackle World Record White Tip Shark caught by Andrea Pellegrini on jig, was recently approved in 2012 together with a 56.6 kg Giant Trevally on 50 lbs line caught by Matt Larsson in November 2011, and 1 Giant Trevally Line Class Lady World Record, were caught on our boats as well . (without counting the All Africa Records and the Tanzanian Records).
Mady, is the skipper of the boat and she loves fishing as well whenever she has the chance to leave the steering. (2 Line Class Dogtooth World Record Lady - 1 Line Class Giant Trevally World Record Lady)
Although Jason found these Dogtooth areas more than 25 years ago, being well aware of the vulnerability of these critters and of the large commercial interest they create, he limited himself to fish for Dogtooth Tuna only a few months a year and he showed these areas (which up to date were still unknown to mosts) only to a few close friends, managing this way to preserve these areas from being overfished.

Thanks to Jason and Mady extraordinary catches and Dogtooth Tuna records, the area of Latham, otherwise unknown to most, has become very demanded and reknown as being one of the best destination in the World for big GT and Dogtooth and lets hope that the large demand their successes have generated will not push fishemen and charter operators to overfish the area, ruining all the sacrifices made by Jason and Mady up to date to try to preserves these beautiful critters. latham fishing, latham, deep sea, big game, sportfishing, fishing, tanzania, zanzibar, pemba, latham island, fish, jigging, marlin, sailfish, yellowfin, tuna, broadbill, world record, record, IGFA, giant grouper, giant trevally, bigeye, trevally, dogtooth, jason alexiou, maddalena martinengo, nelson shayne, kilwa,



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Please note that we are not a travel agency; we don`t charter our boat, make any bookings of hotels, flights, etc.,
but if you are planning a fishing trip in Tanzania and you need any help or suggestions, we will be pleased to assist you if possible and
we may address you to some local outfitters who have offered the best services in the past.
In which case ours, will be recommendations which come from our experience and point of views on this country.